About Aura & Fleur


Aura & Fleur is an exciting Australian brand creating high quality, versatile and unique handbags that reflect our carefree Australian life style. Aura & Fleur is the work of Aura, whose love and affection for the colours and flowers of her mother's garden in Europe has left an indelible mark. Having lived with the vibrancy and colour that her mother Fleur cultivated everyday in her flowers, Aura felt an urge to impart those same colours in the bags and fashion that she creates. 


Colour and texture combined with tactile and functional elements are the basis of our designs. From clutches to cross bodies and totes, our handbags are practical and multipurpose, taking you from the beach to the city, from lunch to dinner. Our handbags make a statement wherever you take them as well as being unique and personal gifts.

Locally designed in Sydney, Aura & Fleur defines Aura's most vivid childhood memories and intensity for all things natural and beautiful just like her mother's garden.


Let your dreams blossom!         

"Life is art. Live yours in colour!"